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Access Screening and Recite Me Join Forces to Pioneer Inclusive Candidate Onboarding

The Access Group, one of the leading providers of business management software for small and mid-sized organisations in the UK, Ireland, USA and Asia Pacific, has today announced the continued partnership with accessibility champions, Recite Me, to deliver the first assistive toolbar within a screening platform.

As organisations increasingly acknowledge the value of diversity and inclusion within their workforce, the demand for accessible hiring processes has grown – over 1 billion people worldwide encounter barriers when trying to read and understand content online. Recognising this need, Access Screening and Recite Me have united their technology expertise to create a seamless and inclusive onboarding experience for all candidates. This move marks a significant stride towards fostering inclusivity in today’s competitive hiring landscape.

The new accessibility toolbar will be integrated into Access Screening’s software solution, providing users with a suite of tools that cater to various accessibility needs, allowing content to be consumed in ways that work best for them. From customisable text options and language translation to screen reader compatibility and dyslexia-friendly formatting, the toolbar ensures that every candidate, can navigate the hiring process with ease.

In an era where diversity and inclusion are non-negotiable pillars of successful businesses, addressing accessibility challenges in the hiring process is imperative. The partnership between Access Screening and Recite Me is a testament to their shared commitment to making employment opportunities accessible to all.

James Waby, Screening Specialist at The Access Group stated: “We’re thrilled to announce this enhanced functionality in our screening platform that will enable individuals with disabilities, situational challenges and the need for language support to complete the screening process with the aid of customisable options. It will improve the time to screen for HR staff and time to hire for the business, whilst delivering a more inclusive and enhanced recruitment experience for candidates. This offers an industry first accessible onboarding and vetting solution with a range of on-demand accessibility tools, that ensures the screening experience is user-friendly for all.”

Recite Me, known for its innovative web accessibility solutions, has previously partnered with Access Volcanic to implement accessibility features in their recruitment website platform. The success of this collaboration has laid the foundation for the extended partnership between Recite Me and Access Screening.

“I am extremely proud to see our assistive toolbar being adopted across the Access Screening’s entire client base” said Recite Me’s Founder and CEO, Ross Linnett. “The toolbar will help remove digital barriers for many candidates and play a part in helping many of those candidates secure their dream role. This is a huge step forward in providing a truly inclusive recruitment experience for both candidates and hiring managers.”

As a business, Access is committed to investing in its technology to support recruiters in having the rights tools to attract, place and measure a more diverse talent pool and to this end acquired the award-winning Diversely in September 2023 Real-time data tools to improve the diversity of the candidate pipeline by up to 70% have now been embedded within Access Volcanic’s recruitment website platform.

To learn more about the new accessibility features, please visit Access Screening.

About the author: Rachel Torrens TEAM Head Office
Office Manager at TEAM