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How many recruitment agency marketers are there?

Amongst a visible pool of 3.5k recruitment agency marketers, three in ten (28%) joined their current company in the last year

In the first of a series of research articles, ThinkinCircles looks in-depth at the visible potential pool of recruitment agency marketers in the UK

Number of UK recruitment agencies: 27.8k

In early 2021 (the latest available data), there were a total of 27.8k Employment agencies on the UK Business Register: 11.4k Temporary Employment (temp-centric) and 16.4k Employment Placement (perm-centric) Agencies. Of these, the majority were micro enterprises with up to 9 employees. Amongst Temporary Employment Agencies, however, there were 3.4k with 10+ employees and there were 2.2k 10+ employee Employment Placement Agencies on the register.


Figure 1. Number of Temporary Employment (temp-centric) and Employment Placement (perm-centric) Agencies, by employee size: early 2021

The potential pool of UK recruitment marketers: 3.5k

 LinkedIn offers visibility on 3.5k individuals engaged in a marketing capacity within the UK Staffing & Recruitment sector. Of these, around 0.8k are engaged in companies with 1-10 employees, suggesting that less than 4% of the UK’s smallest recruiters have a marketing person in post. With the remaining 2.7k marketers engaged within UK recruitment enterprises with more than 10 employees, this suggests an average of around 0.5 marketing heads per non-micro businesses. Of these, however, 40% (1.1k) are currently engaged within the sector’s largest (200+ employees) enterprises.

Across all-sized enterprises, senior job titles (Manager and above) are attributed to half (49%) of all marketing roles.

The recruitment agency marketer pool remains volatile, however, with almost three in ten (28%) joining their current company within the last year. Moreover, 11% changed jobs (through intra and inter-company moves) within the last quarter (June-August 2022), equating to a current annualised job-change run-rate of 44%.


Figure 3. Visible number of marketers within the UK Staffing & Recruitment sector, by job title

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About the author: Rachel Torrens TEAM Head Office
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