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Jun 23
Using AI Video Tools to Market Candidates

Bet you’ve heard a lot about AI recently. But do you know how to leverage it to simplify day to day tasks and augment your recruitment processes? Firefish Software have been taking a deep dive into AI tools:  Watch Firefish CEO Wendy McDougall and Vanessa Raath of The Talent Hunter explore video AI tools and […]

Jan 09
Why Resignations Intensified in Q2 of 2022

ThinkinCircles looks in-depth at UK job vacancies, job advertising, job-change data, and we explore the reasons why there was a sharp increase in resignations in Q2 of 2022 Whilst vacancy levels remained high, job advertising levels declined sharply in Q2 Whilst UK job vacancy levels appear to be past their post-pandemic peak and are now […]

Jan 09
How many recruitment agency marketers are there?

Amongst a visible pool of 3.5k recruitment agency marketers, three in ten (28%) joined their current company in the last year In the first of a series of research articles, ThinkinCircles looks in-depth at the visible potential pool of recruitment agency marketers in the UK Number of UK recruitment agencies: 27.8k In early 2021 (the […]

Mar 30
How to Start a Recruitment Agency

Wondering how to start a recruitment agency? We know that starting your own recruitment agency can seem daunting, but there are some straightforward steps you can take to get the ball rolling. While the following checklist is not a comprehensive how-to guide, it does contain guidance, ideas and food for thought for new recruitment agency […]

Jan 12
Goals for 2022

Happy new year TEAM colleagues! I had some thoughts on what would be good advice for TEAM business owners for 2022 – no surprise, some lightweight vanilla stuff :- Set a tangible goal for where you want your business to be at the end of 2022 and write a 1 page plan of action to […]

Dec 08
Why It’s Important to Cleanse Your CRM Database (and how to do it)

Are you storing old candidate data in your CRM? If dead data is clogging up your database, it’s time to cleanse it! Hanging onto dead data is a counterproductive habit many recruiters need to ditch. So what can you do to make sure you’re only talking to engaged and active candidates? Cleanse your data regularly […]

Oct 27
Remote Working – Will the Rules Change Again?

You have probably read or at least seen dozens of blogs about returning to the office, remote working and hybrid working. Not very original, is it? Why is this article any different? Well, as guidance changes and we’re heading towards the end of the year, the rules seem to be hanging in the balance. What […]

Oct 26
Five Best Marketing Tactics for Solo Recruiters

As a Solo Recruiter, you need to do everything you can to cut through the noise and get noticed by candidates and clients. To do this, you need to add marketing tactics to your recruiter tool kit – but with so many tactics in play, it’s hard to know where to start.  Here are five […]

Oct 01
Six Important Things Your Recruitment Website Needs

Your recruitment website has the power to be your agency’s biggest asset – if it ticks all the right boxes. Your website shouldn’t just look the part. It should be constantly working its magic in the background to pull in new business and convert candidates into applicants for your roles. Here are six things every […]

Sep 01
Scale-up Businesses Capitalising on the Right Technology for Success

Recruitment firms must strategise for sustainable growth once they attain scale-up level by validating their services and presence in the market. Technology, particularly recruitment software, is a significant investment that scale-ups can capitalise on to gain success. Once the business starts to outgrow the current path, it becomes a question of whether the recruitment firm […]