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Category: Solo Recruiters

Dec 08
Why It’s Important to Cleanse Your CRM Database (and how to do it)

Are you storing old candidate data in your CRM? If dead data is clogging up your database, it’s time to cleanse it! Hanging onto dead data is a counterproductive habit many recruiters need to ditch. So what can you do to make sure you’re only talking to engaged and active candidates? Cleanse your data regularly […]

Oct 26
Five Best Marketing Tactics for Solo Recruiters

As a Solo Recruiter, you need to do everything you can to cut through the noise and get noticed by candidates and clients. To do this, you need to add marketing tactics to your recruiter tool kit – but with so many tactics in play, it’s hard to know where to start.  Here are five […]

Oct 01
Six Important Things Your Recruitment Website Needs

Your recruitment website has the power to be your agency’s biggest asset – if it ticks all the right boxes. Your website shouldn’t just look the part. It should be constantly working its magic in the background to pull in new business and convert candidates into applicants for your roles. Here are six things every […]

Aug 19
How to Use Technology to Improve Your Candidate Experience

It’s no secret that well-designed recruitment software can make your job as a recruiter easier. But it’s also worth asking – how can you use it to improve the candidate experience too? When the market is candidate-short, it’s in your interest to put candidates first. Here are a few ways recruitment software can do just […]

Aug 13
Winning the Battle for Talent as a Solo Recruiter

A solo recruiter juggles many hats. But, like any other recruiter and agency, there is a substantial drive to make quick, quality placements. In this candidate-driven market, top talents do not last long in the jobs market. Therefore, the solo recruiter running the entire business single-handedly needs a little extra support from candidate skills testing […]

Jun 30
I’m A Solo Recruiter; Why Do I Need A Personal Brand?

You’ve got a good client base. Your candidates know you well. You have relationships with a number of job boards, and your LinkedIn profile is up to date. You’re accessible, you answer all your emails and phone calls. You can take a brief from a client and find them the perfect candidate in a short […]