Even as an Established Recruitment Business ...

... you will still face challenges.

What you’ve done to create a successful business isn’t always the recipe for continued success.

Markets change

Buying habits shift

Technology…woah, the whole technology thing.

TEAM membership provides you, the principal of an established business, the opportunity to develop. To challenge the way you do things and to discover what others are doing to deal with the same challenges you face. You will have access to industry thought leaders and the latest tech advice at discount prices.

Unfiltered Feedback

Speak to peers as to how they approach and manage their challenges. Find out what is working for other leaders, right now.

Technology Insight

Discover which pieces of technology are adding value from those who've been down the adoption path before you.
Learn through others' experience.

A Sense of Belonging

Connect with others who started when you did, who've got the battle scars to prove it and the wisdom that comes with learning through experience.

Access to leading, recruitment specific

business coaches to ensure

you reach your goals

Meet TEAM Member Rebecca Bannerman ...

Rebecca, and her business partner Jill, founded Amber Employment Services in 2007 and joined TEAM shortly after. During that time they have taken advantage of many of the benefits on offer from templates to ensure they remain compliant to sharing split-fees via the TEAM Xchange.

"For me personally, it’s actually having the network of likeminded individuals that you can share ideas with, gain knowledge from and use their handy hints and tips to take the business forward."

Rebecca Bannerman

Place more candidates, fill more jobs

TEAM Xchange

Increase your consultants’ productivity with our unique split fee portal designed to help them collaborate with other businesses within the TEAM network. Together they can share roles and successful placement fees while not diluting their time building out talent pools outside of their sector. 

Regular Learning and Development ...

... for your team.

In this constantly changing landscape it is important that you and your consultants are able to stay ahead in terms of strategies and techniques that are effective against current recruitment challenges. For instance right now that is finding committed candidates. 

On the TEAM Hub we have regular training sessions. Over the last month we have had workshops on:

– Black Belt Resourcing

– 3 Tactics to Make Your Jobs More Fillable

– Improving Your Offer:Placement Ratio

– Place More Candidates


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