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For Scale-Ups

The next phase of growth beckons.

Leadership need not be a lonely place

You can see the bright future of scaling.

The prospect of growth is exciting, right?

What you’ve done to create a successful business isn’t always the recipe for continued success.

Scaling does not have to mean headcount – growth of bottom line results can be achieved through productivity, efficiency and the adoption of technology or capturing market share.

At TEAM, we know this as we have Members who are scaling on different paths.

Scaling isn’t something you can do following a cookie cutter template.

We know this. You know this.

Collaborating with others to share war stories, chew over challenges and support each other will keep you on your path. Alongside this TEAM Members have access to a Learning and Development programme designed to help businesses receive monthly coaching for business owners they need to achieve their growth strategy, and weekly operational training for staff to maximise their potential.

Meet TEAM Member Sadie Weston …

Sadie is the Owner and Managing Director of Employ Recruitment UK – a specialist driver supply business providing drivers throughout the UK. The main reason for joining was access to TEAM Xchange, the split-fee platform, to help support Employ’s permanent desk.

Generate additional revenue by collaborating on split-fee placements

TEAM Xchange provides every member with the opportunity to share business and increase revenues. Secure and confidential – share jobs and candidates with confidence. TEAM members across the country are sharing business, right now. You could be missing out on business opportunities to place candidates you’ve already found or share jobs outside your area of expertise.
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Split fees available today through TEAM Xchange

Have you listened to the TEAM Podcast?

Our valued Service Providers are on hand to offer you support and exclusive member discounts

Service Providers

In conjunction with our Service Provider, Candidate Source Ltd, TEAM has secured exclusive discounts on a number of the UK’s leading Job Boards and CV search sites.

Over 100 providers offering a range of services from accountancy to web design.

Exclusive TEAM Member discounts available.

Trusted reviews from fellow TEAM Members.

Job Board Partners

In conjunction with our Service Provider, Candidate Source Ltd, TEAM has secured exclusive discounts on a number of the UK’s leading Job Boards and CV search sites.

Over 150 job boards available to TEAM Members*

Access to new sites being negotiated and added all the time

Bespoke arrangements available upon request.

[* Full list available upon request]

What our members say

TEAM is a fantastic network to join especially as a solo recruiter. I would recommend joining as the benefits will help grow any recruitment company.

We joined TEAM at the beginning of the year as a Service Provider. Such a close-knit group of great, like-minded people. The team put on some great events and give everyone a go at presenting!

I have been a member of TEAM for over 10 years now and as an independent recruitment business owner its a no brainer! The whole ethos is designed to help build a strong network of allies with likeminded business owners and service providers who can use their knowledge and expertise to help you reach your business’s true potential.

I have been a member of TEaM for over 7 years and always find the head office staff and service providers to be an excellent resource to lean on. For a small or medium sized recruitment business, membership and involvement is a must.

TEAM offers great support for all stages of your recruitment business. The service providers are all experts in the recruitment sector, so the advice you receive will be up to date and relevant to the recruitment market. What attracted me to TEAM was the ability to split fees with other TEAM members. This USP separates TEAM from other recruitment networks in the UK. They also partner with other global split fee recruitment networks, so becoming a member is a no-brainer!

One of the most inclusive, diverse and professional recruitment associations there is. If you’re in recruitment but not in TEAM… Join. Now 🙂

Best buying decision we’ve made in 32 years of business. Not only do we receive supplier discounts, help with documentation and back office support, we get to network and share business with like minded independent recruiters. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Jonathan Pearson – Bluzinc

Your growth and productivity can be transformed with proactive relationship building among TEAM Members.

Will Smith – Savanna Driver Recruitment

Being able to listen and talk to other company owners going through the same experiences and facing the same challenges as me is reassuring.

Anthony McCormack – Macstaff

I have probably been involved in over 50 split fees on both sides of the coin, sometimes our job, sometimes our candidate, and that is beneficial to everyone involved.

It’s refreshing to meet so many like minded independent recruiters in one place and be able to do everything online. It’s great to be able to share knowledge and split fees with each other. The supplier discounts are really helpful and the head office staff have all made me feel really welcome. TEAM has been invaluable in accelerating the success of Sharpe Recruitment so thank you very much!

TEAM have been fantastic for before lockdown, the growth and since lockdown, the survival of Aspire Personnel. TEAM offers great networking with agencies and like minded business owners across the UK, giving the opportunity to work with split fees, and more so building great relationships with other recruiters. TEAM HQ have also been a fantastic support, with answers from recruitment legislation, legal docs and more.

TEAM have provided my business with great support for many years. It is great to be able to meet with other independent agency owners and TEAM provides us with the platform on which to do this. TEAM provide a variety of webinars and training opportunities which are always well thought out and informative. Throughout the COVID-19 period I also managed to do some “Split” business with other members which was a welcome boost to my business. Would thoroughly recommend membership to anyone

prosperIS Recruitment have been members of TEAM for many years and have benefited from their fantastic support throughout this period. Both the network itself and TEAM HQ create a highly supportive and collaborative environment and I would highly recommend to independently owned Recruitment businesses. Thank you to Tricia, Jackie and the team for all of your invaluable advice and support.

I’m really pleased that I joined Team since joining they have supported me and my business in a big way and I couldn’t be without them now!

MYNT Recruitment have been members of TEAM for many years and I now am one of its Regional Directors. TEAM is a wonderful organisation and brings together like minded professional recruiters across the UK, it is here to genuinely help support it members in every aspect of the recruitment sector. Added into this, is a wide range of service providers that offer excellent services and or products , tailored to the recruitment industry. TEAM “Working Together”

It was an easy decision to join TEAM when I set up on my own as an independent recruiter in 2019 as Pivotal Recruit. I had already been an active participant and had seen first hand the direct and indirect value and return on investment this organisation brings. A more supportive and collaborative network of professionals you couldn’t find anywhere else, providing knowledge, expertise and a few laughs along the way, what more could you ask for? I’m proud and thankful to be part of such a great organisation

It’s the largest network of independent recruitment agencies who work alongside each other to fulfill their clients requirements in an efficient, professional manner. Excellent benefits and the support from H/O is second to none. The numerous suppliers as members means you can trust them and know you’ll get a good deal. Brilliant organisation, wouldn’t be without them.

I’ve been a TEAM member for a number of years and have gained so much from this organisation. To build a network with other professionally minded recruiters is invaluable. Add to that expert service providers in the recruitment sector, as well as specialist legal advisors and the opportunity to build a new revenue stream with trusted recruitment partners whilst supporting your existing Clients, makes this membership the most valued one I have.

We’ve been members of TEAM for several years, but during the Covid19 pandemic we’ve been especially grateful to be part of the network and really appreciated all that TEAM have been doing over the last few months, in very challenging circumstances. We’ve felt well supported and amongst knowledgeable people regarding all the legal stuff and amongst friendly (albeit distanced) colleagues for everything else. There haven’t always been easy answers but it’s helped to be part of the TEAM network, definitely!

I was recommended to join TEAM by a couple of partners. I was sceptical at first, but then realised that the money we’d save on advertising is double the cost of the membership, so I signed up. Two years later, my only regret is not signing up earlier, as their documents library and free support would have made my life a lot easier when I set the business up. During the covid-19 period their support has been invaluable, with weekly video calls with legal experts and the ability to share challenges with other directors and being able to get advise there and then. Thanks to everyone at TEAM. Appreciate your help! The Savanna Team.

A great network for small recruitment businesses who have shown to be very innovative during the Corona Virus crisis

Fabulous network! A well organised, professional and friendly group of independent recruiters. Wagstaff joined TEAM in 2011 and have enjoyed the support of like-minded industry professionals to deliver additional recruitment projects for our customers. This has been achieved by collaborating with other recruiters and sharing business. Additional benefits have included ongoing regular updates from legal professionals relating to employment law, a great annual conference with up to date and on topic training, plus a great event to network in a friendly environment with nice people! Highly recommend to any independent recruiter.

We have been members of TEAM for 15+ years and have found our membership to be invaluable. The support and expertise TEAM offer members is second to none and I would highly recommend that any burgeoning recruitment business join this incredible network.

Great way to expand your business, benefits of discounts, support, ideas sharing and caoching.

Fantastic fee sharing, supplier discount & peer to peer coaching network. TEAM has been invaluable in accelerating the success of Macstaff and I am proud to be an active member!

Elevate Recruitment & Training Consultants Limited (ElevateRTC) joined TEAM in September 2010, shortly after the business was established. We were enticed by the discounts offered by TEAM’s network of handpicked service providers – not least the exclusive job boards discounts. Since becoming a part of TEAM, our membership has literally saved us £000’s on essential products and services. Being a part of TEAM though, is so much more than just making savings: TEAM Xchange (TEAM’s fee sharing platform – which has helped us make placements we would not have made otherwise), free helplines manned by industry experts, the library of hundreds of documents and the networking opportunities afforded by a membership of over 700 locations makes TEAM a huge part of our company’s success.

We have been members of TEAM for over 10 years now and it’s always been a no brainer for us. Splitting fees with other like minded, independent agencies means that both our Candidates and our Clients get a much larger pool to choose from. It allows us to grow our turnover without immediate overheads. Then of course, there are the savings that buying as a larger group bring. The Employment Agents’ Movement gives the smaller recruitment agency the ability to punch above their weight and compete with the high street agencies.

An amazing organisation that I am proud to be part of, helping independent agencies in many ways. Including a friendly, professional and inclusive support nework, training, market updates and the opportunity to win business through collaborative work with like minded businesses.

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