TEAM - #1 For Recruitment Start Ups

Last year saw a record number of people take a leap and start their own recruitment business.

We have helped 100s of them in their first days and weeks get the support they need to get their new ventures off to a flying start.

Read on below to discover some of the ways we can help you as a recruitment start up …

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Firstly, let's make sure your business is protected ...

With a large bank of resources available for you to use from day one you have the peace of mind knowing that your business is protected with robust terms and conditions and contracts. All available for you to use as required 

Next, access extra revenue streams with ...

TEAM Xchange

Our unique fee splitting portal enables TEAM Members from across the network to collaborate on roles and share fees on successful placements.

Earlier this year a Member joined us in their first week in business. They successfully collaborated with a fellow TEAM Member and within a week had split a £4,000 fee.

And continue to develop your skills with regular ...

The recruitment industry is constantly evolving and changing. Stay up to date with the latest techniques, strategies and technologies with regular training sessions and webinars. All accessed in the dedicated Training area on the TEAM Hub.

... L&D Workshops

Meet TEAM Member Bhavesh Patel

Bhavesh is the Director of Recruitment at Octagon Recruitment Group. They have been a part of TEAM from the day they started in 2018 and joined looking for extra guidance and support which they’ve found a very worthwhile asset.

"The biggest part of TEAM for us has been the job boards. Just the discounts alone from the job boards make the membership cost worthwhile."

Bhavesh Patel

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