Does the next phase of growth beckon?

The goal of scaling your business can mean different things to different business owners and it doesn’t purely have to mean headcount. Productivity, efficiency and market share are all alternative ways to grow your business.

One thing is for certain, there isn’t a cookie cutter process to follow.

Collaborating with others within the TEAM network to share war stories, chew over challenges and support each other will keep you on your path.

Legal Helplines for your own employment questions ...

Often when people think of Legal Helplines and support they think about utilising them for questions regarding their clients and candidates, but they are also incredibly valuable for your own employment questions if you chose to grow your business through headcount.

Access to leading, recruitment specific

business coaches to ensure

you reach your goals

Place more candidates, fill more jobs

TEAM Xchange

Increase your consultants’ productivity with our unique split fee portal designed to help them collaborate with other businesses within the TEAM network. Together they can share roles and successful placement fees while not diluting their time building out talent pools outside of their sector. 

Regular Learning and Development ...

... for your team.

In this constantly changing landscape it is important that your consultants are able to stay ahead in terms of strategies and techniques that are effective against current recruitment challenges. For instance right now that is finding committed candidates. 

On the TEAM Hub we have regular training sessions. Over the last month we have had workshops on:

– Black Belt Resourcing

– 3 Tactics to Make Your Jobs More Fillable

– Improving Your Offer:Placement Ratio

– Place More Candidates


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