Why you need to be visible to be valuable

Friday 5th February 2021

You have probably spent most of your professional career making connections and networking within Linkedin but did you know that if you’re not regularly sharing content you are as good as invisible.

In this video from TEAM Tech Day, Cameron McLennon from the award winning Paiger, will show you how you, and your team, can regularly share content without it becoming a huge drain on your time and resources.

Paiger connects marketing to sales. With Paiger you can identify, research & nurture your target clients and candidates, find decision-makers and build relationships on social. 

Formed in 2018, we provide services to both new and established recruitment agencies to connect their selling to marketing efforts which allows them to close more deals. 

Since we started we have been awarded APSCo’s Innovation Of The Year in 2019 and TIARA Talent Tech’s Marketing Solution Of The Year in 2020 – both recognising us as the solution the recruitment market needs. 


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