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Aug 09
Embracing Technology to Support DE&I Initiatives

There is a growing body of research and evidence supporting the business case that organisations embracing a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) thrive while those that do not are consistently disadvantaged. A long-term study by McKinsey & Company indicates the business case for DE&I is stronger than ever. For diverse companies, the likelihood […]

Jul 29
How to Scale Your Recruitment Business with Video

As a business in the scale-up phase you are interested in growing exponentially. This is a critical stage, as you are no longer a start-up but are not exactly a large corporation either. At this point, your revenue is increasing and so is the need for new clients. You are interested in getting the most […]

Jul 28
How do I Know the Online Presence of my Recruitment Business is Right?

A few months back, I met online with a recruitment business owner who had told me that there was really nothing we could do to help them with their online presence. Their business was on social media; they’d invested in their website, they emailed their database regularly. All sounds great, right? When Did You Last Have […]

Jun 30
I’m A Solo Recruiter; Why Do I Need A Personal Brand?

You’ve got a good client base. Your candidates know you well. You have relationships with a number of job boards, and your LinkedIn profile is up to date. You’re accessible, you answer all your emails and phone calls. You can take a brief from a client and find them the perfect candidate in a short […]

Jun 28
Trends in the Current UK Recruitment Market

As we find ourselves 15 months on from the beginning of the first Lockdown restrictions here in the UK, we are now starting to see the eagerly anticipated bounce within much of the recruitment sector. From my discussions with hundreds of business owners, most markets have recovered and businesses are now experiencing levels similar to […]

Jun 25
Investing in a LinkedIn Profile: Where’s the Benefit?

When we suggest that recruiters invest in their team’s LinkedIn profiles, we sometimes get the furrowed brow and you can see the ‘why?’ in people’s eyes. Well, the answer is deceptively simple but needs a little explanation. The short answer is because it helps create a relationship with your clients. The ‘how’ is usually the […]

Jun 21
Don’t do today what you did yesterday and expect different results.

Recruitment is changing.  Both clients and candidates are behaving very differently. Hiring managers and HR are still working from home, at least some of the time, and getting interviews and feedback is proving challenging. Candidates are risk averse following the pandemic; if they have been Furloughed, or are still on Furlough, they are being loyal […]

May 11
Are you ready for the Recruitment bounce back?

Last month Kevin Green, Founder of What’s Next Consultancy Ltd, delivered an insightful presentation on how to ensure you position your business as the Recruitment Industry picks up momentum. Here is a short section where Kevin shares data and his thoughts on the current state of the Recruitment Landscape: My Key Takeaway Points + […]

Apr 19
Choosing Your Recruitment CRM – 10 Top Tips For Start-Ups

Every year, thousands of experienced recruiters take the leap out of paid employment to venture on a journey of entrepreneurship, building their own businesses and taking command of their financial destiny. And along with hopes, dreams and (ideally) a solid business plan, every start-up needs recruitment software to support its growth. The CRM system that […]

Mar 30
Recruiters Have a Key Role to Play in Stamping out Non-Compliance

In this article, Crawford Temple outlines some of the concerning trends threatening to lure Recruiters into illegal practices.

Mar 15
Unpacking the REC Recruitment and Recovery Report

We all love positive news stories. The latest report from the REC makes really positive reading. Here at TEAM HQ it has given us a sense of pride in the industry we serve and has reinforced to us just how important you guys are. It is the independent recruiters who make up the vast majority […]

Mar 05
Three Books Every Recruitment Business Owner Should Read

Here at TEAM HQ we are frequently asked about resources and books to help business owners develop. You only have to go to Amazon and search “business books” and you’ll be spoilt for choice. Often that’s the biggest challenge, especially if you’d like to browse, or get a recommendation.   Here we have put together […]