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SINCE 1994

Our goal is to create a community of like-minded recruiters that collaborate to share ideas and business.

As the largest network of independently owned recruitment and employment businesses in the UK you will be in the company of hundreds of individuals who together share experiences and knowledge.

Who is TEAM for?

No matter where you are on your recruitment journey the TEAM network can provide support and guidance.


Whether you are thinking of starting your own recruitment business, or have recently taken the leap, we are here to ensure you get off to a flying start.


Discover how to navigate the challenges of being a Solo-preneur with dedicated networking groups for those working alone.


Growth means different things to different businesses. Here at TEAM we recognise that scaling your business may not just involve increasing headcount.


Stay ahead in the marketplace with a global network of recruitment peers and valued service providers sharing ideas and insight.

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Established Businesses

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Who are TEAM?

TEAM is the largest independent agency group in the UK and offers clients and candidates one of the widest selections of services and job opportunities anywhere in the UK and beyond.

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