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TEAM Podcast

Collaboration and sharing knowledge and experiences is at the heart of everything we do here at TEAM.

We have worked with James Whitelock of ThinkInCircles to bring you this podcast. Each episode features James in conversation with either a TEAM Member or one of our valued Service Providers. 

Together they share their stories, experiences and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

#17 - Maxine Hart

In episode 17 of the TEAM podcast, Maxine Hart, MD at Wote Street People, talks to James about managing your team during a downturn and engaging with clients.

#16 - Patrick, David & Paul

James and Simon Bliss, TEAM Chairman, are joined this week by Patrick, Paul and David from Ellis Knight. They talk to James and Simon about how Eliis Knight has made CSR part of their DNA.

#15 - Sadie Weston

In this week’s episode, James and Simon chat to Sadie Weston, Founder of Employ Recruitment & Driver Recruitment Software (DRS) about moving from recruitment to becoming a technology provider.

#14 - Christina Robinson

Episode 14 of the TEAM Podcast sees James being joined by Christina Robinson, Managing Director of Green Umbrella Marketing, who explains how to kickstart your marketing if you are a small recruitment agency and the importance of social media.

#13 - Sarah Bishop & Kerry Greeland

In this episode, James' guests are Sarah Bishop, MD of Recruit Recruit and Kerry Greenland, MD of Vantage Recruitment, who chat with him about outsourcing business functions and getting the process in place as early as possible after you start up.

#12 - Anthony McCormack

This week's episode sees James joined by Anthony McCormack, Managing Director of Macstaff, who talks about how to make the most of the TEAM network.

#11 - Alex Bennison

In episode 11 of the TEAM podcast, James is joined by Alex Bennison, Founder of The Scoop, the first of its kind online branding & social engagement tool built specifically for recruiters

#10 - Julie Fouad

This week's episode sees James Whitelock chat with Sales Director of IMS People, Julie Fouad , about the importance of knowing your value proposition and planning your benchmarks for growth.

#9 - Wendy McDougall

In episode 9 of the TEAM podcast James is joined by Wendy McDougall, CEO and Chief Fish at Firefish Software - the award winning recruitment marketing and CRM software solution.

#8 - Neil Johnson

In this episode James talks with Neil Johnson, from Apex Recruitment - a specialist automotive engineering recruitment business - about the exciting changes they are seeing in the sector.

#7 - Angela Cripps

This week's episode see's James Whitelock chat with Managing Director of Recruiting Gym, Angela Cripps.

#6 - Duane Cormell

In this episode James' guest is Duane Cormell, Director at Realm Recruit. Discover how Duane decided to pursue a career in recruitment after graduating in law from University of Manchester.

#5 - Paul Chamberlain

The TEAM podcast is back for another episode and this week James' chats to Paul Chamberlain, Head of Employment Law at JMW Solicitors.

#4 - Russell Dalgleish

This week James' guest is Russell Dalgleish from Exolta Capital Partners. Together they discuss how be built one of the first software as a service technology models in Europe.

#3 - David Robson

This week James chats to David Robson and together they discuss how David is using his own Podcast – The Alternative Path with David Robson – to grow his own community.

#2 - Miles Lloyd

In this episode James and Miles discuss the importance of adding value as a Recruiter and how to become more embedded with the clients you work with.

#1 - Simon Bliss

In this first episode TEAM Chairman Simon Bliss shares his thoughts and plans for the network.

The TEAM Podcast is a ThinkInCircles production: