Are you ready for the Recruitment bounce back?

Preparing for the Bounce Back with Kevin Green

Last month Kevin Green, Founder of What’s Next Consultancy Ltd, delivered an insightful presentation on how to ensure you position your business as the Recruitment Industry picks up momentum.

Here is a short section where Kevin shares data and his thoughts on the current state of the Recruitment Landscape:

My Key Takeaway Points

+ Key Takeaway #1 - Some facts and figures

The Recruitment market is back and hotter than ever:


4% growth


7.3% growth

(faster than anything since records began)

Unemployment certainly looks set to increase:





That being said confidence is high among the 200 companies surveyed every month by the REC:

Reporting + 20 score which is the highest it has been for 13 months

REC/EMSI Tracker live jobs in UK through recruiters

March 2020



May 2020


Oct 2020


Jan 2021


March 2021


Total of 1.3m active jobs advertised.

+ Key Takeaway #2 - Job fluidity will return quicker ... think Backfills

With the resurgence of growth, new businesses and new jobs are created, and as people take up these new roles job fluidity will increase.

IE. People will move and their existing role will be backfilled too.

+ Key Takeaway #3 - Challenges for the UK market

There are definite shortages across three key areas:


Candidate shortages in areas such as data science, digital, software, professional services, care and the NHS


Over the last 10 years we’ve had 3m EU workers arrive in the UK who have taken up jobs in agriculture and hospitality. During the pandemic 800,000 of these workers travelled home. The hospitality and leisure industry now sees a definite labour shortage as this sector start to open up again in the UK. 


Employers have reported a definite Talent deficit in key roles and are currently paying more in fees to find this talent – bodes well for search.

+ Key Takeaway #4 - Conclusion - Opportunities and challenges

The market will grow by 10% – if you are nimble, active and close to both clients and candidates you can make this 20-25% at least.

What’s the plan for 2021 and beyond?

Think about what can inspire and keep the key players.

+ Key Takeaway #5 - A Vision Makes Businesses Buzz

This incorporates lots of autonomy and makes organisations much more responsive, given we are working in very fluid and changing times with client and candidate behaviour evolving.

This drives team’s activity, businesses don’t become hard wired, keeps teams small and nimble, and gts them working collaboratively.

An example of this at one of our members Innova Search is they have scapeed detailed KPIs. Their consultants self-manage. They measure in order of depth – deals done, interviews completed, CVs out. If there is an issue they dig deeper. It’s saved their Directors and Managers hours of time.

We have grown-ups.
If there's an issue we peel back layers but this only happened twice in 2020.

Innova Search

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