James Whitelock is back with Episode 2 of the TEAM Podcast and this week his guest is Miles Lloyd, Founder at Milestones.

With a background in business development in financial services and RPO settings, Miles created Milestones in 2004 with a focus on supporting business owners and senior management teams to achieve their goals – whatever they may be.

In this episode James and Miles discuss the importance of adding value as a Recruiter and how to become more embedded with the clients you work with.

Trouble is you can’t just say “we’re better than everyone else”. What were once unique selling points are now expected must haves for many clients which often leaves Recruiters competing on price.

“Competing on price is ugly right now, post Covid, more than it was 5 years ago – you don’t want to be in a space where you’re competing on price. You want to compete on other things – value add is what it’s all about”

Miles Lloyd

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