This week James Whitelock, host of the TEAM Podcast is joined by Paul Chamberlain, Head of Employment Law at JMW Solicitors LLP.

Following the trend of recruitment business owners who fell into working in the recruitment industry, Paul also didn’t set out to focus on Employment Law. 

I qualified at a firm in Leeds in the early 1990s and really enjoyed my time there but then came back across Pennines to a job in Manchester and actually inherited a now defunct recruitment agency client.
It became clear talking to them that recruitment agencies had specific issues that perhaps other industries didn't have, certainly around the way in which individals are retained and supplied and the legal issues that arise from all that.

Paul Chamberlain

In this insightful episode Paul discusses some of the trends he’s seeing in Employment Law such as a significant increase in the number of working time directive or working time regulations cases as well as employers enquiring about post termination restrictive covenant.


Listen to this episode in full here:

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